Tiny Gravel Garden, Ladywell

This young creative couple wanted a climate friendly garden with creative planting and a gorgeous colour palette but also low maintenance as they are busy time-constrained non-gardening professionals.

After an initial garden consultation I was tasked with implementing my suggestions in this tiny garden which was overlooked by neighbouring houses.

Wanting something more imaginative than a patch of grass I installed a tiny gravel garden with large statement pots to connect the house and garden office. Pleached Carpinus betulus were also added to provide privacy from the overlooking properties.

Client review:

Last summer during RHS Hampton Court I fell in love with one particular show garden, Turfed Out, by Tone & Manner Garden Design. I knew I wanted a garden just like this – something climate friendly with creative planting and gorgeous colour palettes but also easy for a time-constrained non-gardener like me to look after in a tiny inner-city space. After the stress of renovating our home last year, we were so close to just laying some turf to be done with it all, but I knew I wanted something more imaginative than a patch of grass – I just couldn’t envision what, and so Tiny Gravel Garden was born. I wish that I had enlisted the help of a garden designer much earlier in the home renovation process, but I am still so pleased with where the garden is at now thanks to Hamzah. It’s amazing what can be done in such a tiny space. Tiny gardens are awesome! 

Follow the gardens journey at @tinygravelgarden
All images Copyright Sroop Calbayrac